TRAINERS - Thong Titdara, Training Center Manager

Personal Data: 

Mr. Thong Titdara is currently working as Training Center Manager, and previously he worked as International Relations Officer of NTC Group. He is a skilled leader in training and strengthening partnership between NTC Group and both local and international institutions. Mr. Thong Titdara has been committed to enormously contributing to the development of NTC Group.

Educational Background:  

Mr. Thong Titdara graduated from the Institute of Foreign Languages with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education in 2012 and a Master’s Degree in TESOL in 2016. Additionally, he has completed many short courses focusing on self- and professional development. These have been enormously contributable to the glory of NTC Group.

Professional Goals: 

Mr. Thong Titdara has been fully committed to establishing 2 professional goals as the following:
Mutual Overseas Collaboration which ensures the partnership between NTC group and other international educational institutions.
Community Enrichment which ensures the smoothness and productiveness of every social work project conducted by NTC.   

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